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Selection of Coins from Manning Collection

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Asthall_coin_1 Asthall_coin_2 Asthall_coin_3
Coin of Victorinus from Asthall Coin of Constantius II from Asthall Coin of Constantinopolis from Asthall
Blenheim_coin_23 Brightwell_coin_25 Cassington_coin_4
Coin of Carausius from Blenheim Park Coin of Quintillius from Brightwell Coin of Constantine I from Cassington
Chipping_Norton_coin_5 Chipping_Norton_coin_6 Chipping_Norton_coin_7
Coin of Tetrieus I from Chipping Norton Coin of Valens from Chipping Norton Coin of the House of Constantine from Chipping Norton
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