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Selection of Coins from Manning Collection

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Chipping_Norton_coin_8 Chipping_Norton_coin_9 Ewelme_coin_10
Coin of Constantinopolis from Chipping Norton Coin of Valens from Chipping Norton Coin of Claudius II from Ewelme
Ewelme_coin_11 Ewelme_coin_12 Garsington_coin_13
Coin of Quintillus from Ewelme Coin of Allectus from Ewelme Coin of Trajan from Garsington
Northmoor_coin_14 Northmoor_coin_15 Northmoor_coin_16
Coin of Vespasian from Northmoor Coin of Magnentius from Northmoor Coin of Titus from Northmoor
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