The Parian Marble: Translation
A. 2 The Oxford Fragment
Entries 71-80
[Interleaved Greek and English text (translation by Gillian Newing)]
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373/2BC 71) From when Astydamas won at Athens, 109 years, when Asteius was archon at Athens. Then too [the temple at Delphi] burned down.

371/0BC 72) [From when the battle at Leuctra] took place between the Thebans and the Lacedaimonians, which battle the Thebans won, 107 years, when Phrasicleides was archon at Athens. And A[myntas dies and Alexander his son] is king [of the Macedonians].

73) From when Stesichorus the second, of Himera, won at Athens and Megalapolis was built [in Arcadia, 10___ years, when ______ was archon at Athens.

368/7BC 74) From when Dionysios of Sicily died and his son Dionysius became tyrant, and after Alexander [died Ptolemy of Alorus] is king [of the Macedonians,] 104 years, when Nausigenes was archon at Athens.

366/5BC 75) From when the Phocians [seized the oracle] in Delphi [_____, 102 years,] when Cephisodorus [was archon at Athe]ns.

76) From when Timotheus died aged 90, [______ years, when _____ was archon at Athens.]

77) [From when Philip son of Amyntas] is king of the [Ma]cedonians, and Artaxerxes died and his son Ochus [is king, ________ years, when _______ was archon in Athens].

357/6BC 78) [From when _______] won [in Athens], 93 years, when Agathocles was archon in Athens.

355/4BC 79) [From when _____ happened], 91 years, when Callist[rates] was archon in Athens _____ wise ______ of this.

80) From when _____, ____ [years], when _____ was archon [at Athens].

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