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Limestone: AN1911.292

Object: Headless female figurine

Period: Neolithic

Dimensions: H: 5.8cm.

Region: Anatolia

Find Spot: no provenance

Description: standing; nude; coarse grey-brown limestone with slight traces of red pigment; prominent abdomen with folds of fat and protruding buttocks; thick short legs only partially separated by an incised line front and back; the feet are only indicated by a slight thickening at the base; the arms are short and fat, bent round with the hands (no fingers indicated); placed on the body under the breasts, which are only indicated by a slight swelling; the upper part of the back is flat. Ormerod (1912-13, 49-50), who acquired this figurine remarked that: "... the head, which from the fresh appearance of the fracture had been only recently broken" and "the horizontal scratches between the shoulders having the appearance of being made recently."

Reference: Moorey (2004) 7

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