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Terracotta: AN1913.450

Object: Female figurine

Period: Bronze Age: Middle Bronze Age I

Dimensions: H: 10.4cm. W (at arms): 4cm.

Region: Syria

Find Spot: Selemiyeh

Description: handmodelled, flat back, rounded front; buff fabric; cream slip; prominent pinched nose, pierced pellet eyes and no mouth; flange-shaped pierced ears; prominent forelock pierced as if to take an ornament (now broken off); projecting stub-like arms on each side (one now broken); single-band applied necklace with incisions overlapped by pellet-shaped breasts; abbreviated stub arms; prominent hips; pierced pellet navel; incised cross-bands on upper body; two lines of rouletting across the pubic triangle; incised line separates legs; at base, it almost certainly originally had feet as on nos 255-6 below; incised line down centre of back from shoulder level.

Reference: Moorey (2004) 254

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