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Terracotta: AN1913.634

Object: Standing female with child

Period: Iron Age

Dimensions: H: 10.1cm. W: 3.9cm.

Region: Northern Levant

Find Spot: Deve Huyuk I

Description: handmodelled; baked; greenish-cream core, cream slip; column-shaped with concave base (chipped); projecting hairstyle with three strips of applied clay set vertically; double pellets at the centre of the brow; pinched nose, applied pellet eyes; no ears or mouth depicted; single band necklace; arms bent round with hands on the breasts; single bracelet on each wrist; child, facing over her shoulder, held close to the body by the left arm; child has applied pellet eyes, a pinched nose and single band necklace.

Reference: Moorey (2004) 358

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