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John Colvil of Kelling in Norfolk ...

Latin Text:

JOANNES COLVIL de Kelling in Comitatu Norwicensi Generosus ad Scientiam tum naturalem tum artificialem promovendam, huic Musæo dono dedit Calculum adeo magnum e vesica cujusdam Beatricis Shreve de Tunsted in eodem Comitatu sine ulla aut sectione, aut dilaceratione extractum, admirando sane artificio Iohannis Hubberti Civitatis Norwicensis Chirurgi peritissimi; ut Prætor, Eirenarchæ, Aldermanni, totusque ejusdem Civitatis in Curia Municipali consessus, rei veritatem instrumento ad id facto, Sigillo communi, et ipso lapide munito, ne incredibile videretur, posteris transmittere par esse duxerint.


John Colvil of Kelling in Norfolk, in his concern to promote the study of science, natural as well as artificial, gave this Museum a very large stone which was removed with admirable skill by the highly experienced surgeon, John Hubbert of Norwich, from the bladder of a certain Beatrice Shreve of Tunsted in the same county, without either any incision or tearing. To dispel all disbelief, the mayor, Justices of the Peace, Aldermen and members of the city's council, all gathered together in the town hall thought it only fitting to pass down to posterity the truth of the event by drawing up a document to this effect, sealed with the city seal, and by mounting the stone itself.

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Location:Not listed in the 1836 catalogue. The present location of this object is unknown.

Year:MDCLXXXIII (1683);  Page Number: 7 (recto)

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