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John Heysig, of Holmen in Sweden ...

Latin Text:

JOANNES HEYSIG Sueco-Holmensis, vir sane morum candore, ac omni eruditionis genere spectatissimus, benevolentiĉ suĉ arrham, plura daturus, in hoc Musĉo tabulam Antiquitatum Runicarum, ac tria Kalendaria e ligno Runica, Agricolis passim in Borealioribus Sueciĉ et Lapponiĉ partibus etiamnum usitata; unà cum duobus Numismatibus, CAROLI sc. IX. Suecorum Regis, nec non Iohannis Schefferi Arg. Prof. Upsal. in patriam rediens, grato animo reliquit.


John Heysig, of Holmen in Sweden, a man renowned for his integrity and knowledge in many fields, on his return home, left to this museum, as a pledge of his good will and with the intention of giving more, an ancient runic tablet and three wooden runic almanacs of the kind still used today by farmers in the northern parts of Sweden and Lapland, together with two medals, one of King Charles IX of Sweden, the other of Johannes Scheffer Esq., Professor of Uppsala.

Related Objects:AN1685A.452, AN1836 p.133.344-46

Location:AN1836 p.133.345 was transferred to the Museum of the History of Science in 1950 (MHS accession number 1950-12).

Year:MDCLXXXIII (1683);  Page Number: 7 (verso)

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