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John Woodward, celebrated Professor of Medicine ...

Latin Text:

IOHANNES WOODWARD celeberrimus in Collegio Greshamensi Medicinś Professor, Ť copios‚ Su‚ reliquiarum Diluvianarum Supellectile varias rariorum Fossilium Species huic Musťo benevolus contribuit: Quem et plura aliquando daturum Speramus.


John Woodward, celebrated Professor of Medicine at Gresham College, generously offered this museum various specimens of rare fossils from his abundant collection of remains from the period of the Flood. We hope that one day he will give more.

Location:Not listed in the 1836 catalogue. The present location of these objects is unknown.

Year:MDCCXVI (1716);  Page Number:20 (verso)

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