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John Yeomans, citizen of Bristol and ...

Latin Text:

IOHANNES YEOMANS Civis et Navarchus Bristolliensis in partibus Americś Boreazephyris Mercatur„ faciens, Cymbam istis regionibus propriam vulgÚ Canoe dictam (unicum Remigem vehentem tunic‚ hirsut‚ indutum) Remis, fuscin‚, Deoque tutelari instructam, pretio conquisivit, ac in h‚c fidissim‚ statione anchoram ponere statuit.


John Yeomans, citizen of Bristol and ship's captain, trading in north-western America, bought a boat peculiar to these parts commonly known as a canoe, which carries a single oarsman dressed up in rough clothing, is equipped with paddles and a harpoon, and is guided by a tutelary god. He decided to anchor it in this most beautiful of places.

Location:Not listed in the 1836 catalogue or the 1886 transfer of material to the Pitt Rivers Museum. The present location of this object is unknown.

Year:MDCLXXXIV (1684);  Page Number: 9 (recto)

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