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Matthew Bird, a ship's master from Caerleon ...

Latin Text:

Dn?s MATTHIAS BIRD, Navarchus Kaer-Leonensis in Agro Monemuthensi; donavit Loricatam quandam Statuam, ex Lapide Alabastrite efformatam atque Auro foliato olim obductam, Gladium adhuc integra, gestabat dextrâ: et in sinistrâ bilancem: in dextrâ lance quć gravior erat, Puellć facies eminebat; in sinistrâ verň Globus terrestris. Effossa est prope Urbem Kaer-Lheion sive Iscam Legionum (ubi Legio secunda Augusta aliquandiu egit) ad locum Porth Sini Krân dictum, circa Annum MDCLX.


Matthew Bird, a ship's master from Caerleon in Monmouthshire, gave the Museum a figure in a coat of mail, sculpted from alabaster, which was once covered in gold leaf, holding a sword, still fully preserved, in its right hand and, in its left, a pair of scales. The right pan of the scales, which is the heavier, shows a girl's face, the left one shows the globe of the Earth. It was dug up in about 1660 near the town of Caerleon or, in Latin, Isca Legionum (where the Second Augustan legion used to be stationed) near the spot known as Porth Siny Kran.

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Location:On display in gallery 8 (Ark to Ashmolean)

Year:MDCXCIII (1693);  Page Number:17 (verso)

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