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Richard Dyer MA, Fellow of Oriel College ...

Latin Text:

Dn?s RICARDVS DYER A.M. et collegij Orielensis socius, dedit QVATVOR NVMMOS AVREOS, & DECEM ARGENTEOS; additis insuper in perpetuam rei memoriam SEMICORON¬ ∆RE¬ argento obduct‚, ali‚que (uti & solido & semisolido) circumquaque accis‚; quś legalis Angliś monetś locum usurparunt, anno j695.C.V.C.252.a.& finem.


Richard Dyer MA, Fellow of Oriel College, gave the Museum four gold coins and ten silver ones and also added, as a perpetual memorial a silver-plated brass half crown, and other clipped coins (both shillings and sixpences) which took the place of the legal English currency. Given in 1695. See the Vice-Chancellor's Catalogue, no. 252(a) et seq. and 5 at the end.

Location:Not listed in the 1836 catalogue. The present location of these objects is unknown.

Year:MDCC (1700);  Page Number:19 (recto)

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