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Richard Rawlinson Esq. LLD, Fellow of the Society ...

Latin Text:

RICARDUS RAWLINSON, Arm: L.L.D. Soc: Antiq: Soc: Exemplaria duarum Venetorum Navicularum unum Pćota, alterum Gondola dict: unaque Vulpem albi Coloris Moscović Incolam Museo Moriens legavit.


Richard Rawlinson Esq. LLD, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, left the Museum models of two kinds of small Venetian boat, one known as a Paeota, the other a Gondola. He also gave a white Moscovy fox. To these he added an Indian litter called a palanquin.

Related Objects:Pitt Rivers Museum 1886.1.1672 .1-3 (gondola) (formerly AN1836 p.174.9), Pitt Rivers Museum 1886.1.399 (palanquin)

Location:Transferred to the Pitt Rivers Museum in 1886. The palanquin is on display at the Pitt Rivers Museum, Ground Floor. Case 46.A - Land and Air Transport Models.

Year:MDCCLVII (1757);  Page Number:22 (recto)

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