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Thomas Braithwait Esq., of Ambleside ...

Latin Text:

THOMAS BRATHWAIT de Ambleside in Com. WestmorlandiŠ Armiger, venerandŠ Antiquitatis cultor maximus, ut istud MusŠum in unoquoque genere Cimeliorum absolutissimum redderet, Ei trecenta ac amplius Numismata antiqua (quorum 6 ex auro, 66 ex argento, cŠtera ex Šre) moriens legavit.

NB. Dignissimo huic Viro D. Braithwait ut Numismata hŠc Universitati legaret, primum persuasit; dein[de], ut ad nos mitterentur curavit Nobilis, et Eruditissimus Vir D.D. Daniel Fleming Eques Auratus, de Rydal-Hall in Comitatu WestmoriŠ, olim Ŕ Collegio ReginŠ Oxo˝. Commensalis, pro summo in Literas reconditiores Amore, et singulari in hanc Universitatem Benevolentia.


Thomas Braithwait Esq., of Ambleside in Westmorland, who was a great antiquary, gave this museum at his death more than 300 ancient coins, six of which are of gold, sixty-six of silver and the rest of bronze, in order to make the Museum unrivalled in one of the areas of its collection.

N.B. The person who first persuaded the noble Mr Braithwait to leave his coins to the Museum, and who then saw to their delivery, was the great and learned Sir Daniel Fleming, from Rydal Hall in Westmorland. He was formerly a commoner of Queen's College, Oxford, and he did these things out of a deep love for scholarship and singular generosity to this University.

Location:Not listed in the 1836 catalogue. The present location of these objects is unknown.

Year:MDCLXXXIV (1684);  Page Number: 9 (verso)

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