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William Borlase, Rector of Ludgvan in Cornwall, MA ...

Latin Text:

GULIELMUS BORLASE de LUDGVAN in Co: CORNUBIENSIUM Rector. A.M.R.S.S. omnibus quĉ dum Soli natalis Historiam molitus est collegerat Corporibus Crystallinis Mineralibus et Metallicis Repositorium hoc Rerum Naturalium, Plurium Arrham auxit et ornavit; Addidit insuper Speciminum aliorumque in Libro impresso descriptorum Figuras calamo suo eleganter delineatas, Codicemque MSS. una reconditum Posterorumque Usui dicatum fecit.


William Borlase, Rector of Ludgvan in Cornwall, MA and FRS, furnished this treasure-house of natural objects with all the crystalline, mineral and metallic specimens which he had collected while working on the History of his native land, and may give more. He also added some pictures of other specimens, elegantly drawn with his own pen, which have been reproduced in the book. To all of this he added a manuscript catalogue to be stored away for the use of future generations.

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Location:Borlase's mineral specimens can not now be identified, and some are known to have deteriorated not long after donation. The cabinet made to house the collection is held by the University Museum of Natural History. His antiquities and coins survive at the Ashmolean and several are on display on gallery 8 (Ark to Ashmolean).

Year:MDCCLVIII (1758);  Page Number:23 (verso)

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