Jevon Thistlewood

Jevon Thistlewood received an MA in the Conservation of Fine Art from Northumbria University in 2000, specialising in Easel Paintings. Previous qualifications include a BSc in Chemistry and a MA in Sculpture Studies from the University of Leeds. In 2007 he was accredited with the Institute of Conservation and came to the Ashmolean Museum as a Paintings Conservator. Research interests centre around the examination of techniques and materials used in painted surfaces.

Select Publications:

  • Jevon Thistlewood & Peter Northover (2009) Corrosion analysis and treatment of two paintings on zinc supports by Frederick Preedy, Journal of the Institute of Conservation, 32:2, 137-148.
  • Jevon Thistlewood (2010) Lucien Pissarro’s Paintbox, The Ashmolean Magazine, no. 60.
  • Jevon Thistlewood (2010) Two Oil Sketches by ConstableThe Ashmolean Magazine, no. 61. 
  • Jevon Thistlewood (2011) Mummy Portraits – New DiscoveriesThe Ashmolean Magazine, no. 62.
  • Jevon Thistlewood (2012). T10: The Lamentation, in Vergara A. and Lammertse F. (eds.) The Young Van Dyck. Madrid: Museo Nacional del Prado. pp. 350-351.
  • Jevon Thistlewood (2013) Restoration of the Founder’s Portrait, The Ashmolean Magazine, no. 65.
  • Jevon Thistlewood (2013)Restoration of the Grinling Gibbons Frame of the Founder’s PortraitThe Ashmolean Magazine, no. 66.
  • Jevon Thistlewood & Katherine French (2014) The Grinling Gibbons Picture Frame: A Social and Botanical History, The Ashmolean Magazine, no. 67.
  • Jevon Thistlewood (2015) Restoring a Grinling Gibbons frameThe Frame Blog []
  • Jevon Thistlewood (2015) Early Paintings by William Morris in The Prioress’s Tale WardrobeThe William Morris Society Newsletter, Summer 2015.