Volker Heuchert

Dr. Volker Heuchert is conducting research in the area of ancient Greek and Roman coinage. He is working on the fourth volume of the Roman Provincial Coinage series covering the Antonine period (138 192 AD) and is one of the directors of Roman Provincial Coinage Online.

Selected Publications

'The Chronological Development of Roman Provincial Coin Iconography', in C. Howgego, V. Heuchert and A. Burnett (eds.), Coinage and Identity in the Roman Provinces, (2005), 29-56.

'Roman Provincial Coinage', in C. Alfaro and A. Burnett (eds.), A Survey of Numismatic Research 1996 - 2001, (Madrid: International Numismatic Commission and International Association of Professional Numismatists 2003), 313-43.